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Global SID Ranges

The System ID (SID) code is used to identify base stations for some radio technologies, and is used to identify a system for billing purposes for others (e.g. GSM and LTE). When used only for billing it may be known as a BID code. The assignment of SID/BID ranges to assignment authorities is managed by IFAST.

This database contains SID and BID ranges that have been assigned to countries and other international entities by IFAST. You can also query the assignments of individual SID codes to wireless operators.

You can perform more powerful queries by putting any one of the following in a field, before the data you are searching for: <, <=, >, >=, = (forces an exact match), != or <> (both mean 'not equal to'). You can also enter two values separated by ".." to search for a range, e.g. Alpha..Omega, 1..99 or 1/1/2017..12/31/2017. Wildcard characters are '%' (0 or more arbitrary characters), '_' (1 character of any value) and '*' (matching any non-empty field).

Contact the SID Administrator for help or more information.


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